Friday, May 5, 2017

Sightseer Tram Car service scheduled to begin this weekend

Is there a more certain sign that summer is right around the corner than the reappearance of the famous Boardwalk Sightseer Tram Cars?

Tram service is scheduled to begin again today, though rainy conditions may delay their 2017 debut until tomorrow (Saturday, May 6).

Below is the Sightseers' schedule of operation for May, courtesy of

From DOO WW's official Tram Car page:

Tram Cars operate during the season along the two miles of the Wildwoods Boardwalk from 16th Street in North Wildwood to Cress Avenue at the Wildwood/Wildwood Crest end.

The yellow and blue trams have been traversing the boards since June 11, 1949. They were originally built for the 1939 New York World's Fair and brought to Five Mile Beach by S.B. Ramagosa.

Operation begins at 11 a.m. and generally goes until the amusement piers close. A one-way ride takes a half-hour and costs $3.00. You may get on or off anywhere along the route. 

Take advantage of the discount books, where you get 25 tickets for $50. The books, daytime round-trip tickets and tokens are available at the Tram Office: 5308 Boardwalk (Cresse & Boardwalk) as well as other locations along the Boardwalk. They are also available at or by phone at 866-667-3971.

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