Thursday, August 4, 2016

10th Annual Wildwood Pizza Tour tonight; Beach Bash tomorrow, 7-10 p.m.

For a solid decade now, our friends at the Wildwood Pizza Tour have embarked on an annual end-to-end quest to find the Boardwalk's best slice of pie.

The 10th edition of the WPT kicks off tonight around 6 p.m. - if you're out and about this evening, you may spot the group, with their brightly colored t-shirts, clipboard and personal pizza slicer in tow, continuing the tradition.

"It’s really hard to believe the Wildwood Pizza Tour has been around 10 years," WPT founder Christopher Martin told Wildwood 365.

"I’m not sure any of us even expected to do it more than once. The tour started as a simple fun night out among friends. We never intended to share the results — it wasn’t even our idea to create the website. We’re so glad we did though. We’re so grateful for all the folks who support us and the great community of Wildwood lovers on Facebook, Twitter and our website. We have a blast doing the tour and sharing the results."

This year, the tour doesn't end with the last slice tonight. To celebrate 10 years of the WPT, the crew is hosting a beach party tomorrow (Friday) night at E. Leaming Avenue.

A $5 entrance fee will allow guests to enjoy one slice from each of the three previous WPT first place finishers, a drink, a host of activities and games, and a great spot to watch the weekly fireworks display.

"It’s for friends, fans, family and the pizza tour crew - all are welcome!" said Martin. "We’re featuring the past three pizza tour winners - Mack's, Franconi's and the Olympic Flame.

"It might be the biggest pizza party in Wildwood."

For more info (and to purchase tickets in advance), click HERE.

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