Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mayor Rosenello: Tram Car designs NOT changing; stock unit being used to test new engine components

We just got off the phone with North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello, who confirmed that the design for the Boardwalk's iconic Sightseer Tram Cars will NOT be changing.

Earlier today, a "stock vehicle" was seen pulling a Sightseer train along the promenade.

"This is a unit we bought, basically, off the shelf, for testing," Rosenello explained. "All we're doing is checking to see if the components of this unit work on the Boardwalk.

"Today was the first run with this. We're testing the motor, the battery, the turning radius, wheel base, and pulling power of the engine."

Told about concerns from our readers over the look of testing unit, Rosenello was actually delighted.

 "Honestly, it's great that people are so interested in it. It's great to see that people are so passionate about it and that they care so much. This is one of our great icons, and it's clearly loved by many, many people."

Test unit prowling the boards earlier today
Rosenello said that we may see the test unit make several runs before the Sightseer fleet launches for the season on Friday, May 1.

"What we're doing now is testing the mechanics. We had two tram engines go down at the end of last summer. They were out of commission for weeks because the parts were no longer available. We scoured the country looking for parts to get them up and running.

"At this point, we're looking at a scenario where we may have to start looking at reducing the fleet and cannibalizing some of the existing engines to keep the remaining ones going."

There are presently eight tram engines and eight trains in the Sightseer fleet. Two of the trains are new, entering their second season after being replicated last year.

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