Friday, July 25, 2014

Wildwood Boardwalk Cuisine Makes National Grade

Sal Zampirri, left, owner of Hot Spot #4 Pizzeria
and Restaurant and Kathleen Zampirri, right.


WILDWOOD -  Now the rest of the world knows what millions of visitors to this city already knew for years:  when it comes to boardwalk food, Wildwood fare is one of the three best throughout the land.

According to the food and drink website The Daily Meal, Wildwood placed third on the list of 31 top boardwalks for food in America.

With so many boardwalks to choose from, developing a list of which ones offer the best food experience was a daunting, but delicious, task.

“To determine which American boardwalks are the best for food, we reviewed popular American boardwalk vacation spots based on a set of five criteria,” stated Tim McGeever of Spanfeller Media Group.

“Our social media category not only took into consideration the amount of followers they had on Twitter and Facebook, it noted how often they posted about the food scene on their boardwalks, and how many “deals” they post. Next we looked at the actual quantity of restaurants on or just off of the boards. The more locations, the better.

“But it isn’t all quantity over quality here at The Daily Meal: they had to be highly rated places, and there had to be a wide variety of eateries. We also considered the atmosphere surrounding the boardwalk and eateries, as well as the fun-factor of it being bustling with fun people.

"Our final category was editorial judgment, where we considered all of these elements, plus commentary that floated around the social sites surrounding these beach institutions.”

At the end of the day, eight of New Jersey’s boardwalks made the list. Wildwood, however, topped them all.

“The amount of food choices served on the Boardwalk is extraordinary,” said Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano. “Virtually every cuisine, from American to Italian, to Greek to Middle Eastern to Chinese to Japanese is represented.  Our boardwalk offers a cornucopia of choices prepared by great chefs.”

The Boardwalk may offer diners a multi-cultural experience, but for most visitors, it’s usually a slice of pizza and an order of fries washed down by icy lemonade followed with a desert of funnel cake or soft-serve ice cream that hits the spot.

“Our Boardwalk is known as an exciting, fun place for families to share in good times and great food,” said Troiano.

“It’s great that the rest of the world now knows it.”

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