Friday, February 1, 2013

Giant Postcard Exhibition on GoGetFunding

Douglas Hunsberger will be bringing his Giant Postcard Exhibition to the Doo Wop Experience (across from the Wildwoods Convention Center) this summer.

The display features 36 inch x 24 inch enlargements of Hunsberger's "Designer Postcard Series," a collection of iconic images of the Wildwoods produced during the 1980's.

The aim of the exhibit, which will also be available to schools, libraries, and other venues during the offseason, is to promote tourism in the Wildwoods.

The project is in need of funding, due to the cost of drum scans, remastering, digital printing, lamination, and mounting.

Donations are now being accepted via GoGetFunding.

Check out the above link for more information on the exhibition and contributions.

Also, check out and "like" Wildwood Giant Postcards on Facebook.

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