Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A quiet stroll on a mild January evening

To those who have never visited the Wildwoods during the winter months, it's difficult to describe the tranquil beauty of the resort during it's "slumber."

All of the familiar landmarks are there, they simply exist in a different state.

Our friend Jim Stephens was kind enough to share these photos, which he took tonight during a walk into Wildwood and then back to the Crest.

Just imagine, these same scenes will be filled with bustle and excitement in "just" about five months' time...

Looking west toward Rio Grande Boulevard from the Wildwood Sign

The Boardwalk sleeps

The southern end of the Boardwalk (new bike ramp at right) at Cresse Ave.

Atlantic Ave. in the Crest, looking south (Crest Pier at left)

On the Crest Fishing Pier, looking west into town

All's quiet at the end of the Crest Fishing Pier


  1. wow....would love to do that sometime....it does look a bit eerie but still so familiar and welcoming even tho everything is dark....it's waiting for us, quietly, to come back. can't wait until summer!!!

  2. Was just down there yesterday with my husband and mother-in-law meeting with a realtor. Made sure to walk up to the beach and take a look at the ocean. It was so calm and serene. Really would love to live at the beach. Thanks for sharing the photo walk!