Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Election Day in Wildwood

Generally, we like to focus on the "fun" aspects of and events going on in the Wildwoods, but sometimes those those pesky "real life" matters take precedence. Election Day is certainly one of them.

Today, voters in Wildwood will go to the polls to elect three four-term city commissioners, one of which will ultimately become the town's next mayor.

Two "teams" comprised of three contenders each and two individuals running on their own comprise the field of eight.

Current mayor Gary DeMarzo and commissioner Ed "Chip" Harshaw are running with Dara Baltuskonis under the slogan "Progress Made, Promises Kept."

They will be challenged by former mayor Ernie Troiano, Jr., Peter Byron, and Anthony Leonetti, whose campaign slogan is "It's Time... Our Future is Now."

Commissioner Al Brannen, who previously ran with DeMarzo and Harshaw, is running alone as "A Voice for All the People."

Rounding out the slate is Sandra Richardson, seeking a seat under the slogan "Proud Again, A Better Wildwood."

Voters will also be asked two questions, one binding and the other non-binding:

Question 1: Should Ordinance 828-10, which revises staffing levels in the City of Wildwood Police Department, be adopted?

Currently, Wildwood’s code allows for the following positions within the police department: One police chief, one deputy police chief, one captain, five lieutenants, seven sergeants and 38 patrolmen. A “yes” vote would adopt the ordinance and reduce the authorized positions to one police chief, one deputy chief, one captain, one lieutenant, five sergeants and 38 patrolmen.

Question 2 (non-binding): Should the municipal election day in the City of Wildwood be moved to the general election day in November?

Moving the municipal election to November (the next one will be in 2015) would save the city approximately $25,000. 

We will post results from today's polls as they become available...

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