Friday, March 25, 2011

A visit to the Dog House

Check out Maui's colorful new awning and signage!

My stomach was grumbling as my brother Dave and I cruised around North Wildwood earlier this afternoon, batting around potential ideas for lunch.

All bets were off when we noticed activity at Maui's Dog House (8th & New Jersey Aves.); sure enough, owners Maui and Liz had just opened for the 2011 season!

A very happy blogger
Fortunate timing for us. We've certainly never had the opportunity to drop by the Dog House this early in the year, but it's always a treat. And that's the best way I can describe it to folks who have never been there.

The restaurant serves up, for our money, the best hot dogs at the Jersey Shore - traditional German franks with loads of potential toppings combinations and themes. And A LOT more, too.

Check out the full menu HERE.

Since this was our first visit of the season, we decided to start at the top of the menu. I went with the "Dressed" dog (homemade beef sauce, raw onions, spicy mustard) and Dave stayed basic with the "Naked"; we both had a regular order of fresh cut french fries and a large Stewart's Root Beer.

Can you resist...?
Everything, as always, was terrific!

In addition to the great food, one of the cool things about Maui's Dog House is its unique atmosphere.

This has been complemented this year by the addition of a new awning and signage. And, according to Liz, new tables will be debuting soon.

(Update, 5/20/11:  Here they are!)

The Dog House received some long overdue recognition recently when it was featured on The Food Networks' Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives program.

Check it out...

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