Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will Morey to seek GOP Freeholder nomination


COURT HOUSE — Will Morey, president of Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, submitted a letter of intent to seek the Republican nomination for Cape May County freeholder in the June 2011 Primary.

“In today’s times, the freeholder board must work diligently and proactively with municipal leaders and stakeholders to create a vibrant regional economy,” stated Morey in a release. “The need for leadership and collaboration between governments and the private sector is unprecedented. It is the County’s role to lead this effort.

"Only through this approach will we develop an economic climate that supports business growth, provides meaningful career opportunities for our residents, and enables our children a reasonable option to locate in Cape May County following the completion of their educational endeavors.,” added Morey.

Morey is president of one of the largest private businesses in Cape May County. He noted that he would bring his field of expertise to bear should he eventually become a Cape May County freeholder.

“I could comment extensively about why I’m seeking this position, but it really ‘boils down’ to one core purpose: I would like to contribute to and lead the meaningful advancement of economic growth in Cape May County in a manner that benefits all its residents. In my view, Cape May County is more than it has become,” he stated.

Morey was the first candidate to submit an official letter of intent to seek the position to Cape May County Republican Chairman Mike Donohue.

Morey has written a personal letter to each Republican Committee member and hopes to speak to each of them at regularly scheduled Republican Municipal Committee meetings prior to the March 9 Republican Convention in Wildwoods Convention Center.

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