Monday, January 24, 2011

Update on Boardwalk Renovation Project

Boardwalk reconstruction progress has reached Spicer Avenue

Work has continued this winter on the Boardwalk Renovation Project, with focus shifting to the southern portion of the world famous thoroughfare and new material being used.

Phases I and II of the endeavor saw two blocks replaced entirely with expensive Ipe wood over the past two offseasons (Schellenger north to Cedar, then Cedar to Oak).

According to a recent press release from the City of Wildwood’s Public Works Department, “pressure-treated white pine boards” are in the process of being installed over an ambitious eight block stretch.

The plan is to have work completed between Schellenger and Montgomery Ave. (the start of the Convention Center area) by spring. Nearly half of the work is done, with three blocks finished down to Spicer Ave.

Erwin Nase, Assistant Superintendent of Public Works, estimates that his team is replacing an average of 40 feet and 500 boards per day, using approximately six thousand screws per block.

“It’s a job that needs to be done,” said Commissioner Al Brannen. “It’s high time for a renovation, and public works is doing a fantastic job.”

“It’s a lot of work and time,” said Richie Simms, a 10-year veteran of the Public Works Dept. “But it’s worth it if it benefits the city and the tourists.”

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