Monday, October 25, 2010

The "Wipe Out!" slides into history

Two weekends ago, Morey's Piers held a "farewell ceremony" for the Wipe Out! giant slide, one of the Boardwalk's most beloved and historically-significant amusements.

As of yesterday, all that remained of the ride was the steel frame. The slide is being removed to make way for future attractions, including a planned two-pier mega-coaster which will travel from Surfside Pier to the old Hunt's Pier and back.

The Wipe Out! was the Moreys' first attraction, debuting in 1969. Around the 40 foot tall, 200 foot long slide, the family would build its amusement empire, which today includes three piers and two water parks.

Special thanks to our friend Dana Ficke for the accompanying photos of the ride's deconstruction.

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  1. I am sorry to see the Wipe Out go. I enjoyed it, my children enjoyed it and my grandchilren were introduced to it last year and LOVED IT!! I wish you would consider replacing it with another slide -- the smaller children love it.