Thursday, October 28, 2010

KMG "Fire Ball" coming to Morey's Piers in 2011

Dutch manufacturer KMG has announced that it has sold a Fire Ball ride to Morey's Piers. The amusement is scheduled to be delivered in March and will be ready for the opening of the 2011 season.

According to the official release, the Fire Ball is a "non-transportable designed to be installed in amusement parks. The attraction combines a swinging motion (up to 24 meters/approx. 80 feet high and 120° in amplitude) and a rotating platform where gondolas (6 of 4 seats for a total of 24 passengers) are facing each other."

The attraction will be the first of its kind to feature lap-bars, rather than the classic shoulder restraints featured in previous versions of the Fire Ball. The new harnesses were specifically designed by KMG engineers and the Morey's Pier team.

It is not yet known which pier the ride will reside on. Regardless of where it is installed, the Fire Ball promises to be a popular draw. Its spectacular lighting package will also be a standout addition on the Boardwalk.

Here's a look at the ride in action from the 2009 Meadowlands State Fair, courtesy of YouTube user cygnus 122...


  1. boo!,..we want the slide back!!...take away a family ride and add this "generic" 90 second spin ride!

  2. awesome looks like fun! can't wait!

  3. While I do agree with Michael that this ride is "generic," I'm sure it's still gonna be a lot of fun.

  4. Wait. This is from last year??? I just received an update about it today???