Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another great historical find by TWR

A few months back, Thom Fontannaz of The Wildwoods Reporter shared a rendering of a huge proposed restaurant in North Wildwood that never came to be.

While doing research for his upcoming book on the history of Rock n' Roll in the Wildwoods, Thom recently came across another intriguing find.

This week's issue of TWR features a cover image of The Wildwood Leader from January 23, 1969. Depicted is a rendering of a modernized version of the Hof Brau Hotel, which was originally located on the southwest corner of Atlantic & Oak Aves.

The Hof Brau, of course, is best remembered as the site where Bill Haley and the Comets first performed "(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock" in 1954, the catalyst for those who claim Wildwood as the birthplace of rock.

Anyway, the plans depicted in the project never happened, for whatever reason. But the Beach Terrace Motor Inn - which eventually was built on the property - does bear a strong resemblance to the proposed "new" Hof Brau.

More great insight on the island's history. Click HERE to read Thom's editorial, which also includes a history lesson on the "Urban Renewal" movement, and thoughts on how history may be repeating itself.

A very interesting read. Thanks, Thom!

(For the sake of clarification, the opinions expressed in this or any other editorial we pass along does not necessarily represent our own views. But, we are very interested in hearing our readers' thoughts on any and all matters pertaining to the Wildwoods...)

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