Friday, January 7, 2011

Father and Son roll big series at 3J's

Jim Dickinson Jr. and Jim Dickinson III at 3J's Wildwood Bowl

WILDWOOD — Jim Dickinson Jr. and son Jim Dickinson III while bowling in the King and Queens Monday night league Jan. 3 at 3J’s Wildwood Bowl, rolled the best series of their careers.

Both have been active league bowlers since age 12. They enjoy the game and enjoy competing against each other for the highest scores, even though they often bowl on the same team.

Jim Dickinson Jr. with over 40 years of bowling experience achieved his highest series 771, including games scores of 255,258 and 258.

On the same night, Jim Dickinson III with 18 years experience reached his first 700 series of his career to beat his father with a 778, including 257,232 and 289. Out of a total possible 36 strikes in the three games, each threw 28 strikes.

Although competitive in nature, this night they seemed to feed off each other to produce their best night of bowling yet.

Larry Hippen, proprietor of 3J’s Wildwood Bowl, said, “I have seen the Dickinson family bowl here for past 10 years, and I was glad to see this particular night both father and son were able to bowl such tremendous scores and I congratulate them.”

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