Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Putting The Christmas (Tree) Spirit To Good Use

How's this for some outside-the-box thinking?

According to the Coast 98.7 news blog, Wildwood Crest will again be using old Christmas trees to help grow their beachfront dune area.

The borough sent out letters to all municipalities in Cape May County last year, soliciting old trees. It collected roughly 1,000, which helped cover a seven-eight block stretch.

Due to the storms - and particularly the early November Nor'Easter - that have pounded the coast this offseason, some areas need to be reworked. Thus, the Crest will again look to collect as many old trees as possible to fortify the dunes.

Practical?  Check.

Eco-friendly?  Check.

Cost-effective?  Absolutely!

Kudos to the Crest for what sounds like a real winner of a concept.

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