Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Golden Nugget Day Photos Abound!

Whew, they just keep on comin'!

Mike Crater has updated his Crazy About Wildwood site with six pages of photos from Saturday's Golden Nugget farewell ceremony, including some great shots of the new coaster model. He has also included pics of a special "behind-the-scenes" tour of the Morey's coaster/paint shop on Hunt's Pier, which was offered to those in attendance after the speakers' portion of the event.

I accompanied Mike on the tour, along with my brother and uncle. It was yet another very unique aspect of an incredibly emotional day. From the ceremony itself, to the tour and the reception afterward (during which I enjoyed some of the best NE clam chowder I've ever had), the Moreys really outdid themselves with this event.

Class acts, all the way!

Also be sure to head over to The Wildwoods Reporter, where Thom Fontannaz has posted several photos of the afternoon, including a shot of longtime Hunt's Pier head mechanic "French Louis."

If you still haven't had your Nugget Day pic fix after that (and, really, us Wildwood nuts are an insatiable bunch, aren't we?), check out the following personal essays by DWPL message forum members Captain Phil and holdyourfireal.

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