Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doo Wop Wednesday: Mango Motel

Tucked away deep in the heart of Wildwood proper, the Mango Motel is a true Doo Wop gem that rarely gets the recognition it deserves.

Nestled on the northern side of the west end of E. Spicer Ave., it sits directly across the street from the Twilight Motel (under the same ownership banner) and "behind" Kahuna‘s nightclub on Pacific; the George F. Boyer Museum is right around the corner to the southwest.

Built in the early 1960s, the Mango is relatively small but practically overflows with unique Wildwood charm. The motel boasts an eye-catching color scheme, with orange borders and room doors, light blue curtains, and multi-colored recessed "spaceship" lighting at night.

Its classic roadside neon sign is also a standout, featuring the motel’s name in exotic-style font and a neon palm tree design.

In many ways, the Mango is a throwback to a time when many of the island's side streets were lined with an abundance of friendly "mom 'n pop" accommodations. It continues to go strong today, almost as if frozen in a simpler, more care-free time...

For more information and photos, check out our Mango Motel and Twilight Motel profile pages at Wildwood Doo Wop.

Each Wednesday, we'll spotlight various examples of "Doo Wop" architecture (past and present), and/or news and progress reports pertaining to preservationalist efforts in the Wildwoods.

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  1. What a great place! This place gets no exposure whatsoever. Both the Twilight and the Mango are true Wildwood gems. I believe they are currently for sale. Anyone?