Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Pic Fix

Located just south of the Wildwood border on Ocean Ave., between Cresse & Moring Glory, the Adventurer Motor Inn is the northernmost lodging resort in the Crest. At seven stories, it also remains one of the island’s larger beachfront properties.

This view looks northeast, along Ocean Ave. A small portion of the Adventurer’s large rooftop neon sign is visible, as is a glimpse of the Ocean Towers complex at the extreme left, which borders the southern end of the Boardwalk.

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  1. Ah the Adventurer... I remember staying in the Crest and seeing this as a sign that we were getting close to the boardwalk. Nice to see the hot pink and slate grey made way for some calmer colors... great to see some things are still the same in WW...

  2. yeah. I wasnt a big fan of the adventurers old colors. I really want to stay at this place.A great location. You get the best of both worlds! They were advertising about having an indoor pool last summer.. Do they really have one?

  3. I forgot about the Adventurer's old color scheme. Something that large and PINK certainly did stand out. But, I agree that the current blue color works best.

    I didn't realize they were advertising an indoor pool; that's really cool. I know they have a "Cardio Center," which they advertise prominently on their website. Kind of looks like the set-up they have at the Bolero.

  4. Great hotel. Great location.. We have never stayed there but have enjoyed many a breakfast there..