Friday, February 13, 2009

Answers to last week’s Trivia Challenge

I hope everyone enjoyed the first edition of our “challenge” series last week. Judging from the response, it went over well and will be a fun feature to continue presenting each week.

Below are the answers to last week’s questions. A new challenge will be posted later this afternoon.

So, how did you do…?


Answer #1: A King’s Court?

The annex building operated today by the King’s Inn Motel was originally known as the Supreme Court. Pretty clever name, eh?

The SC was likely built during the mid-late 40s or very early 50s. It represented, at the time, the new wave of “motor court” conveniences that most of the Wildwoods’ older hotels and rooming houses couldn’t; namely, a private bath for each room.

Of course, the SC’s biggest attraction was that it sat right at the foot of the Boardwalk, on 22nd Ave. The attractive roadside neon sign is long gone, but the structure remains standing and appears much the way it did some 50-60 years ago.


Answer #2: Before Zaberville…

The restaurant that the Zaberer brothers, Ed and Charlie, opened on the Boardwalk at Magnolia Ave. in 1950 was called Holliday’s.

The Groff family moved their restaurant just off the Boardwalk, after persistent complains by other merchants that the lines of customers to get into the dining room were interfering with their businesses. This opened up the former dining room for the Zaberers, who had previously operated a number of different businesses on the Boardwalk.

Ed, of course, would go on to purchase the old El Dorado Hotel in North Wildwood and convert it into Ed Zaberer’s Anglesea Inn just four years later. The brothers ultimately parted ways, with Charlie opening his own popular restaurant outside of Atlantic City.

(Photo credit: Wildwood Historical Society)


Answer #3: Pizza Mania

Several readers were able to quickly name 10 current pizza shops on the Boardwalk, aside from Mack’s, Sam’s, or any of the various Hot Spot locations.

The fastest to answer was our resident pizza expert himself, Mike Crater, who also named a few pizza institutions from the past. We’ll save those for a future challenge.

From north to south, a list of primary pizza joints on the Boardwalk today would include:

North Wildwood

- Little Nicky’s (17th Ave.)
- NY Sicilian (19th Ave.)
- 3 Brothers (20th Ave.)
- Sorrento II (25th Ave.)


- Mama Leone’s II (Poplar Ave.)
- Santino’s (Poplar Ave.)
- Fredo’s (Wildwood Ave.)
- Franconi’s (Oak Ave.)
- Harry’s (Cedar Ave.)
- Jumbo’s (Mariner’s Landing)
- Angelo’s (Montgomery Ave.)
- Alex’s (Ocean Towers)

… so, am I missing any?


Thanks again to everyone who took part. As always, if you have any questions or would like to suggest a trivia challenge of your own, drop us a line anytime at

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