Friday, January 19, 2024

North Wildwood submits Emergency Authorization request to NJDEP for bulkhead installation


NORTH WILDWOOD - On Friday, January 19, on behalf of the City of North Wildwood, the Lomax Consulting Group submitted an Emergency Authorization (EA) request to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, asking to approve the installation of a cantilevered steel bulkhead between mid-block of 12th & 13th Avenues to 15th Avenue.

The EA request comes following coastal storm events that occurred on January 9 and January 13, which caused further significant erosion to the beach berm and what was remaining of the dune system at this location. 

During the latter storm, the ocean wave action caused a breach in the dune between 13th and 14th Avenues. The tide ran up beyond the breach, resulting in more damage to the dune and now the vegetated areas behind the dune.

With a breach to the dune, the city feels that future storms could pose a more significant threat to the city, its infrastructure, and public and private properties. The purpose of the EA request is to ultimately prevent the possibility of any damage to properties or infrastructure.

The proposed bulkhead would run approximately 752 linear feet, spanning the length between mid-block of 12th & 13th Avenues to 15th Avenue, connecting the currently constructed bulkheads at those locations. The top of the bulkhead will be at elevation 12.0 feet, and will be capped with boardwalk-style decking.

For additional information, please contact 609-522-6464.

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