Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Further details on approval of Boardwalk hotel project; developer agrees to secure necessary parking

On Monday, the
Wildwood Planning Board approved the proposed transformation of the structure at 3000 Boardwalk into a five-story hotel, contingent on the ability of the developer to secure additional parking to bring the property into full compliance.

For clarification on the matter, we reached out to Wildwood City Tax Assessor Jason Hesley, who provided us with the following update.

Hesley noted that the property’s owner, Wildwood Hospitality Group, presented a plan for The Wild Resort that included 54-55 parking spaces, both in the lot at the rear of the existing building and underneath it as an underground garage.

“A hotel requires one space per unit and the planned hotel will have 75 total units,” Hesley explained. “The shortfall was addressed at the meeting with the developer agreeing to secure the additional parking at an off-site location.

“The parking is a condition of the approval.”

The project can move forward with construction plans, according to Hesley, but a Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued for the additional (approximately 20) units until the extra parking spaces are attained.

“The project does not have to return to the Planning Board for further approval, but it does need to obtain CAFRA approval,” Hesley said.

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