Monday, April 1, 2019

Long Live Curley's Fries... No Foolin'!

Be honest - Did they get ya?

This afternoon, Morey's Piers revealed that it was, in fact, playing a big April Fool's joke with its previous announcement that longtime staple Curley's Fries would be removed in favor of a "greener, healthier" alternative.

In a "press release" sent out last night (sneaky, very sneaky), Morey's introduced "Greenery's, a concession stand offering a variety of healthy and convenient food items that guests can eat on the go," also noting that, due to to space and cost constraints, the Curley's locations at Surfside and Mariner's amusement piers were being rebranded to accommodate the new offering.

Citing social media demand and industry studies, it was explained that Generation Z consumers "want more organic and natural foods without additives and they are more likely to be vegetarians."

The topper was a detailed listing of Greenery's menu options, which included kale chips (brushed with avacado oil and baked with a seasoning blend, no less), roasted chick peas and, our favorite, a locally-sourced seaweed salad.

You really have to appreciate the commitment and attention to detail here.

The post set off a verifiable firestorm on social media. While many caught on to the joke, the overwhelming majority of responses made it clear that they were... umm, NOT in favor of this idea.

(See the original Facebook post and comments HERE.)

Early this afternoon, Morey's came clean, posting the above photo of mascots Sunny C. Gull and Curley Fry himself, revealing the gag:

"For the last 45 years, Curley's Fries has been treating the taste buds of millions with our signature crinkle fries & we're happy to announce that guest can still indulge in this Wildwood boardwalk tradition starting on April 12 when Curley's Fries opens for the season!"

As a bonus, the post stated that the first 50 people in line at Curley's (both pier locations) on Saturday, April 13 will be treated to some FREE fries, in honor of Morey's 50th Anniversary season.

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