Tuesday, November 13, 2018

YES, Morey's Piers is getting a new coaster for its 50th anniversary season - with a Tram Car theme!

Morey's Piers will celebrate its 50th anniversary season in 2019 and, well... was there ever any doubt that they'd be doing something BIG to mark the occasion?

Today, Morey's posted the above image along with the following on their official Facebook page:

Run for your lives! To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we're letting something loose on Surfside Pier this summer. Our new family attraction will have you screaming "Watch the Runaway Tram Car Please!"

A "Runaway Tram Car?" This sounds uniquely WILDWOOD in the most absurdly delightful way possible!

Rumors of a major addition have been circulating for a while now, and were certainly stoked upon the announcement that the Flitzer would be permanently removed from Surfside Pier at the end of the recently-completed season.

With that work (and subsequent shuffling) now done, the footprint of a new attraction has taken shape.

An official announcement from Morey's Piers will be coming in the following weeks, likely after the new year.

Stay tuned, as this will undoubtedly be one big stories to follow over the offseason months...

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