Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Traffic pattern change helps ensure student safety


WILDWOOD – Students attending Glenwood Avenue Elementary School will have safer corridor on their way to and from school each day now that the direction of traffic on New York Avenue from Maple to 26th streets has been changed to a one-way direction.

As of January 23, drivers need to be aware of the new traffic pattern and stop sign.

During their last meeting of 2017 city commissioners unanimously passed an ordinance to change the traffic pattern to add another layer of safety for pedestrians. In addition to changing direction of traffic, the stop sign at the corner of New York Avenue was moved to the corner of Maple Avenue.

“We wanted to be proactive in protecting our youngest citizens,” explained Commissioner Pete Byron of the decision to change the traffic pattern.  He said the narrow, two-way New York Avenue posed a dangerous area for pedestrians and put motorists in the position of driving the narrow thoroughfare while watching for the many children and families who use the route.

Officials noted the new traffic pattern and placement of the stop sign was a task undertaken after conferring with local police and the school crossing guard, Marie Michl.

“Mrs. Michl, who helps our children cross the street every day, told us it might be beneficial to pedestrian safety to change the direction of traffic from two-way to one,” said Mayor Ernie Troiano.  “She is on duty every day helping to keep our children safe and is a valued member of the team of adults working to get kids to and from school.”

With the new traffic pattern now in effect, drivers are encouraged to be mindful of the new pattern.

“Changing the traffic pattern has had a positive effect,” said Commissioner Tony Leonetti who oversees the city’s Department of Public Safety. “Virtually everyone in the city has, or knows, a child who attends Glenwood Avenue Elementary School.  Keeping our kids safe is one of our highest priorities and it’s important that drivers be aware of the new pattern and follow it.”

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