Monday, November 13, 2017

After sale, Westy's reopens as The Inlet on Olde

Mere days after the closing and sale of one of the Wildwoods' most beloved institutions, the location has been born anew.

Westy's Irish Pub, a staple of North Wildwood's entertainment district on Olde New Jersey Avenue for over 20 years, is no more; the business reopened this week as The Inlet on Olde.

The new venture is being captained by partners Puri Garzone and Joe Affet, veterans of the Philadelphia restaurant scene. Frank and Cody Lubisky are the new owners. 

Westy's was founded by Arthur West in 1996. He passed away in 2013, leaving ownership to his wife, Peg West.

Over the years, Westy's became one of the island's most popular bar/restaurants and gathering places, renowned for its second floor patio overlooking Hereford Inlet.

It was built on the grounds of legendary entertainer Cozy Morley's Club Avalon (later the WeTooInn). A bronze statue of Morley, dedicated in 2003, stands on site.

Echoing this legacy, the new entry's official website declares:

"The Inlet on Olde is the place for 
old friends and new memories!"

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