Sunday, June 18, 2017

Will tonight be the night for NASA Wallops rocket launch?

Could the eighth try be the charm?

After seven previously scrapped attempts, NASA hopes to launch a rocket from its Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia, tonight between 9:05 and 9:20 p.m.

Updates can be found at NASA's official website and the NASA Wallops Flight Facility's Twitter feed.

According to a NASA release:

"The multi-canister ampoule ejection system flying on this mission will allow scientists to gather information over a much larger area than previously able during a sounding rocket mission.

"Canisters will deploy during the rocket's ascent and they will release blue-green and red vapor to form artificial clouds between 4 and 5.5 minutes after launch. These clouds, or vapor tracers, allow scientists on the ground to visually track particle motions in space. The clouds may be visible along the mid-Atlantic coastline from New York to North Carolina."

If conditions are clear enough, the glowing, multi-colored trail should be visible along the horizon from the beaches of the Wildwoods, looking toward the southeast.

Keep your fingers crossed.

The launch would be a nice little "Father's Day fireworks" present!

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