Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wildwood Crest dedicates recreation center room in honor of former mayor


The new game room at the Wildwood Crest Pier Recreation
Center has been officially named the “John Pantalone Game
Room” by the Borough of Wildwood Crest. Pantalone (second
from left) is joined by Wildwood Crest commissioners (from
left) Don Cabrera, Carl Groon and Joyce Gould at a ceremony
held in his honor on Saturday, June 4.
The Borough of Wildwood Crest has dedicated its new family game room at the Crest Pier Recreation Center in honor of former borough mayor and commissioner John J. Pantalone.

The space has been officially named as the “John Pantalone Game Room” by borough resolution passed unanimously at the regular bimonthly meeting of the Borough of Wildwood Crest’s Board of Commissioners on Wednesday, June 7. A ceremony to honor former mayor Pantalone and to unveil the game room in his name to the public was held Saturday, June 4, at the Crest Pier.

Pantalone, a lifelong resident of Wildwood Crest who served in the United States Army, served as mayor and commissioner in Wildwood Crest in 1981-85 and 1993-2005. He was the recreation director in Wildwood Crest prior to becoming commissioner and also served as vice chairman of the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority.
“I’ve always felt the Crest Pier was John’s building,” said Don Cabrera, Wildwood Crest Commissioner of Public Works and Recreation. “He was such a great leader for our town as mayor and prior to that was a well respected recreation director who helped build many of the fine programs and activities that are offered today in Wildwood Crest.

"We look at this room as a gesture of our appreciation for all John has done for recreation and for the borough through his years of service. We take great pride in knowing that John will appreciate that children and their families can enjoy a great, new place to have fun.”

The John Pantalone Game Room includes games and activities for all ages.

Included are bubble hockey, air hockey and fooz ball games, as well as ping pong and pool tables, a dart board, checkers/chess table, television screens, various video games and comfortable sitting areas.

The John Pantalone Game Room is free and open to the public during all normal operating hours of the Crest Pier Recreation Center.

For more information, contact the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department at 609-523-0202.

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