Friday, May 26, 2017

Wildwood High School Students Deliver "Welcoming Gift Bags" to Rising 6th Graders

Wildwood High School students from Mr James Clarke's History class


On Friday May 19, Wildwood High School Students delivered “welcoming gift bags” to the rising 6th graders at Glenwood Avenue Elementary School. This was the culmination of a service project the high school students took part in order to continue a tradition of helping someone in the community. This year the students chose to run a school supply drive.

 The high school students were responsible for brainstorming the idea, securing the proper permissions, working out all details, executing the drive in February, fundraising for the backpacks that they filled, and all other tasks associated with the project on their own.

The “gift bag” the students filled was a maroon string backpack with the Wildwood Warrior logo, to ensure we pass along the warrior spirit to the next generation.

Each gift bag included 10 pencils, three pens, a notebook,  five folders, highlighters, erasers and more. The welcoming package also included handwritten notes from  WHS students in each backpack to encourage striving for success in school, as well as letting the GAES students know they are coming to a friendly and safe building next year.

Wildwood High School students are committed to service and they participate in various community events throughout the year. This project took on a personal meaning for the High School given the opportunity to help younger students within our own district. The 5th graders were very excited to receive the gifts and were very receptive of the strong, positive messages delivered by 9th grade students Nik Finocchiaro and Roberto Aguilar.

This is the second annual service project in the History department in the high school. The objectives for this project are building good citizenship and recognizing the importance of our community spirit here at Wildwood High School to insure it continues.

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