Tuesday, January 31, 2017

North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello posts State of the City Update

With the first month of 2017 winding down, North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello has posted a State of the City Update to www.northwildwood.com.

The address highlights projects that were completed in 2016 and outlines what to expect in the year ahead...

Mayor Rosenello's State of the City Update

January, 2017

Dear Friends:
When you elected me Mayor of the City of North Wildwood, I, along with our City Council, took office with a set of goals that included upgrades to our City’s infrastructure, parks, beach and pedestrian walkways and bikeways. In addition, we were focused on providing North Wildwood with the most professional, efficient and responsive municipal government in New Jersey.

Our intention with these goals is to constantly improve our community and the quality of life for our full-time residents, second home owners and our millions of annual visitors. In the past three years, we have been able to accomplish many of these initial goals, while also maintaining our position as the beach town in New Jersey with the lowest average property tax bill. We have been able to do all of this through careful and diligent multi-year capital and operational budgeting.

Transitioning into the New Year, here is a list of projects that were either recently completed or are in the works:

Completed in 2016:

Beachfront bike path – The City bike path was reconstructed from 15th to 5th Avenue, including all new ADA beach access points, showers, benches and bike racks. This project also included the complete reconstruction of the critical storm water outfall line that runs under the bike path.

NJEIT Projects – 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th Avenues, between JFK and Surf Avenue are currently being completely reconstructed.

15th Avenue Transportation Hub – This critical intersection of the boardwalk, bike path, lifeguard headquarters and major beach access area was completely reconstructed prior to the 2016 season.

Upgrades to Allen Park – Substantial upgrade to our playground equipment, ADA access-ways, basketball courts and equipment, roller hockey rink, scoreboard and landscaping areas.

Marine Rescue Unit – The City, with the financial and operational assistance from the Volunteer Fire Companies and several private donations, developed a Marine Rescue Unit. This multi-function vessel has already participated in numerous lifesaving operations and has even been called on by the United States Coast Guard and Marine State Police in various rescues.

Beach Reconstruction – 300,000 cubic yards of beach were restored immediately following Winter Storm Jonas, which helped us get through the summer months.

Union Contracts – Thanks to hard work from Administrator Kevin Yecco, all of our union contracts have been renewed up through 2019. These various contracts provide our union employees with a fair and stable wage and benefit package, while also carefully weighing their impact on our taxpayers.

CRS Coordination – In 2017, North Wildwood residents will see an additional 5% discount (20% total) on their flood insurance premiums as a result of the floodplain management related work completed by the City.

High Water Rescue Vehicles – We developed a comprehensive program for the maintenance, operation and storage of our critical high water rescue fleet that have become a lifeline during critical flooding and other natural disasters such as the 2010 ice storm that left much of the City without power for days.

Anticipated in 2017:

NJDEP Flood Risk Reduction and Resiliency Grant Project – In 2016 the City of North Wildwood received the largest grant in the City’s history when we received a nearly $10 million grant to address serious flooding issues in our inlet area. This project will reduce flooding along NJ 147 – NW Boulevard during major storm events to allow residents to evacuate if needed. In addition, it will provide a critically needed bulkhead to prevent any additional damage that has occurred in the area from behind the Greek Church to New York Avenue in our inlet section.

Street Reconstruction – In addition to the streets currently under construction, the entire length of Ocean and Surf Avenues between 1st & 11th, as well as 17th Avenue between New Jersey and New York Avenues will all be reconstructed in 2017 and 2018.

16th Avenue Park and Street End – This area will be completely reconstructed and will include a fully ADA compliant access area to our beach and boardwalk. In addition, with the assistance of a $400,000 grant from the State of New Jersey, we will completely refurbish the playground located in this area as well.

Sand Rinse Stations 16th to 25th Avenues – One of the most popular projects completed in 2016 was the addition of sand rinse stations at beach entrances between 5th-15th Avenues. Additional rinse areas will now be added at all beach access-ways from 16th – 25th Avenue and on 1st and Surf and 2nd and Ocean Avenues.

Moore’s Inlet Public Parking Facility – This public parking area that services our inlet beach, seawall and entertainment district, will be reconstructed into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing transportation hub.

In promotion of open communication, government transparency, and in order to keep our taxpayers/visitors informed of “what’s going on?” in the City, I will be posting regular project updates by way of our newsletter online at www.northwildwood.com and email “updates” through updates@northwildwood.com email address.

To sign up for our email updates, please visit www.northwildwood.com, scroll down to the bottom left task bar and register today!

For most of us that call the City of North Wildwood home, or a home away from home, our homes and businesses are not only our largest asset, they are also most near and dear to our heart. As Mayor, I would like to preserve the nostalgic feeling of living in and visiting North Wildwood for years to come, and as such I welcome your comments, questions or concerns by email – prosenello@northwildwood.com or phone – (609) 522-6464.

Let’s continue to make North Wildwood a great town to live in because only then will it continue to be a great town to visit.


Patrick T. Rosenello

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