Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wildwood Pizza Hut to close permanently next week

The Wildwood Pizza Hut will close next week.
Pizza Hut on Rio Grande Avenue, a staple on Wildwood's entrance boulevard since the 1970's, will close its doors permanently next Wednesday, May 18.

The "announcement" was made via a simple message on the restaurant's front door, which was noticed by several of our readers earlier today.

A few rumors have been circulating as to what might take its place. We will continue to follow this story and post when we have official confirmation.

This Pizza Hut was a popular hangout for locals over the years, as it was open year round.

It's worth noting that the sign pictured in the image above was unique to this Pizza Hut location. It was added during the early 2000's, when a number of Wildwood businesses were incorporating "Neo Doo Wop" themes.


  1. I used to deliver all their goods and food for year's as a Mclane driver plus I to am a resident of North Wildwood in the summer. Gonna miss Kim and her crew..

  2. Wildwood Needs To Build More Condos On The Pizza Hut Property.....

  3. Always ate there for decades......would be the easiet place to grab food at the first night down there!