Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Photo Essay: Beach Day in Late-Winter

Today was one of those glorious days that you just want to bottle up and savor.

Partly because, well, it was just beautiful out by any standard, But, perhaps even more so because we've been waiting so long for it. Many of us here in the Northeast were scrapping frost off of our windshields not a week ago.

Though the calendar says that the first official day of Spring is still 12 days away, it appears* that Old Man Winter is rapidly losing his icy grip.

(* Hey, we don't want to be accused of jinxing this and cranky Mr. Freeze has been known to make a surprise late-season comeback; so, no guarantees. But, it IS looking good...!)

With sunny, mild conditions and temps reaching the mid-60's, the fresh vitality of a new season was in the air.

And tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be just as pleasant, if not better!

This afternoon, our friend Christy Gamber soaked up her first beach day of the year.

She sent along these photos, a collective preview of the official Spring and Summer seasons we've been counting down the days to...


Mariner's Pier from a distance and close up; Opening Day 2016 at Morey's Piers is just 17 days away!

A stroll along the Boardwalk is obligatory on a beautiful day like this. Look at that deep blue sky, and just imagine how busy this scene will look in just a few months. For now, the promenade is quiet, save for the occasional sounds of workers prepping their shops and activity on the amusement piers in the distance.

"Just Chillin'..."

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