Friday, February 5, 2016

Wildwood High School Receives College and Career Readiness Partnership Grant


The Wildwood School District has been awarded a $250,000 grant by the New Jersey Department of Education to fund additional academic and career focused programs for juniors and seniors at Wildwood High School.

The College and Career Readiness Partnership Grant was awarded through a competitive application targeted at high schools throughout New Jersey that receive Title I funds. The program will run through August.

In order to be awarded the grant, the district demonstrated a commitment to partner with Atlantic Cape Community College to create programs to increase high school students’ levels of awareness of their own interests leading to career paths, as well as increasing academic readiness in order for them to enter college without the need for remedial classes.

Josepha Penrose, supervisor of curriculum and instruction for the district, said the district and Atlantic Cape Community College are thrilled to be able to enhance their partnership through the grant-funded programs, which include of a series of Saturday workshops and a weeklong summer boot camp.

Topics students will explore include time management, study habits and goal setting, personality assessment as it pertains to career interests, an occupation search based on interests and self-assessments, and development of a portfolio and resume.

At Wildwood High School, the district will offer an after school program providing additional academic support to juniors and seniors. Through the grant funds, the district will also hire a full-time Structured Learning Experiences teacher who will coordinate real-world job experiences for students in partnership with community businesses and organizations.

High school teachers will also be offered professional development on ways to infuse career ready practices into regular school day instruction. Philip Schaffer, Wildwood High School principal said the grant programs will give students opportunities that extend the school day and will help them plan out and gain experience toward the fulfillment of their future aspirations.

Wildwood High School is looking forward to beginning these new programs which align with all district plans to ensure that all of our students graduate from Wildwood High School not only academically prepared, but also possessing a wide range of skills preparing them for their chosen college or career path.

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