Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"The Tramcar Girl" teaser trailer; short film set for release this summer

Above is the teaser trailer for "The Tramcar Girl," a short film set to be released this summer.

Co-directors Gerard Zarra, Dan Lewinstein and Alex Tymchak, all recent graduates of NYU's film school, were granted exclusive access to the Wildwoods' iconic Sightseer trams last year for production.

"The final film will be roughly 10 minutes," Zarra told Wildwood 365. "We shot on 16mm film to keep with the nostalgic feel of Wildwood and because we love the look of film."

Zarra plays the male lead in the film, while his girlfriend, Stephanie Yafeh, portrays the title character. A lifelong Wildwood enthusiast whose family owns a vacation home in the Crest, Zarra told us that he was inspired to make the film after bringing Yafeh down for the first time last summer.

Updates and additional content will be posted on the film's official Facebook page, including a mini-documentary on the history of the trams that includes an interview with Boardwalk legend "Gigi."

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