Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Despite storm and flooding, newlyweds refused to settle... until they'd settled!

Jessica and Ryan Merritt boast a love of the Wildwoods that they proudly call "an obsession."

The couple, 28 and 29, respectively, have been vacationing here since they were babies and have been renting seasonally with a group of friends for the past 11 years.

Originally from Bridesburg in Philadelphia, the Merritts were married on the beach in August and had their wedding reception at the Wildwoods Convention Center.

They wouldn't have had it any other way.

But this past weekend, they took their passion to another level - and in most memorable fashion!

The Merrits had been looking to buy a house in the Wildwoods and, as fortune would have it, one they both fell in love with went on the market shortly after their wedding. They decided to go for it, went through the process, and arranged settlement for Friday, October 2.

Anticipation built as the big day approached... but when it arrived, the Wildwoods were in the midst of being hammered by the weekend nor'easter.

"We decided to go through with it, and just hoped for the best," explained Jessica. "As soon as we came over the North Wildwood bridge, we knew it was bad. The bay water was coming up onto the road and we were detoured through Anglesea because of flooding.

"Then, every street from New Jersey toward the bay was just filled with water. It was nothing like we had ever seen."

It took some time, but the Merritts were able to navigate close enough to the property at Oak & Hudson Avenues for Ryan to slog across the street in knee-deep waters.

"He did a walk through to make sure that everything was dry, and thankfully we were all good," said Jessica.

"It was pretty close, but we were okay and then were able to finalize settlement.

"We are so excited to finally own a property in our beloved town and already can't wait for next summer!"

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