Monday, October 5, 2015

Aftermath pics show storm's power

Some hardened island residents may pass this weekend's storm off as a "typical nor'easter," but by all measurable standards, it was the worst to hit the Wildwoods since Super Storm Sandy back in 2012.

That's saying something - well, actually, it could be saying a lot of things.

While Cape May County was largely spared Sandy's wrath in comparison to the destruction it waged along the northern New Jersey coast, it still did a number on us.

This nor'easter was actually something of a blessing, as the low pressure system played a role in pushing Hurricane Joaquin out to sea. No one-two punch this time, thankfully.

Still, it left behind some pretty impressive handiwork, and some clear demonstrations of Mother Nature's shear force...

Visible at center in the pic above is what is left of a 6 foot fence that was set up for the Race of Gentlemen (rescheduled for this weekend, by the way!) - mostly buried in the sand, as the surf continued to encroach west.

At left, a 55 gallon metal trash can lies crumpled like a plastic cup, south of the Wildwoods Convention Center.

Imagine the force of the wind - which reportedly reached gusts of approx. 50 miles per hour - that must have tossed this receptacle up and down the beach to cause this.

Not something you'd want to get in the way of!

Along the same lines, one of the City of Wildwood's beach rental boxes was flung across the sand, found today resting up against the Boardwalk near Rio Grande Avenue.

Several others were scattered about, in various states of distress.

The following three images were perhaps the most poignant to us, showing wooden walkways from Wildwood's beach that washed up all the way down at the Crest Fishing Pier.

These came from Rio Grande, Leaming and Hildreth Avenues, so they were found nine, seven and five blocks south of their original locations, respectively!

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