Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wildwoods Named "Most Beautiful Place" in New Jersey by


On a list that includes Big Sur, California, Hawaii’s Stairway to Heaven and the top of Cadillac Mountain in the Acadia Mountains of Maine, this city, along with its neighbors on Five Mile Island, has been dubbed “The Most Beautiful Place” in New Jersey by

In a June 23 posting, the website, which offers its readers information on food, drink and travel, writer Matt Meltzer shared his observation of the Wildwoods:

“A popular spot for whale watching, this island and its collection of towns with the name ‘Wildwood’ also boasts quiet beaches, boardwalks, a roller coaster, and all the other stuff you’d expect on the Jersey Shore  - just instead of loud music and IROC Camaros, there’s bird watching, English gardens, and a historic lighthouse.”

“We are thrilled to be named a part of New Jersey’s Most Beautiful Place,” said Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano.

“The Wildwoods offer something to everyone. Whether you’re enjoying a fun-filled day on the beach, fishing in a quiet ocean, experiencing the sounds and sights of our Boardwalk or watching a sunrise across the water, the beauty of our cities is unsurpassed.”

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