Friday, August 23, 2013

"Was that a... giant flying humpback whale?!" - Awesome reader pics from last night's storm

Flying Humpback Whale - Photo by Amy Hufnell, taken from the American Inn

We've talked quite a bit this summer about how, despite the unusual amount of rain we've been dealt, the evening skies have been nothing short of spectacular!

I mean, does anyone remember sunsets quite as consistently brilliant as the nightly nature shows we've been treated to this July and August?

Last evening offered a different kind of display. It came in the form a massive, dark rolling cloud sequence (I ain't no meteorologist, obviously) that preceded a heavy, albeit brief, downpour.

"Ominous" might be too soft a word to describe the scene. Yet, it passed relatively quickly, and after the rain, Mother Nature still found time to sneak in another fine sunset.

As always, our readers were on the ball, snapping and sending in pics of the clouds from all angles. Below is a sampling; we have a full album, which we'll continue to add to, over on our Facebook page.

Here it comes... Photo by Instagrammer @yotengocositasricas

Photo by Niki Mummolo, looking south on the Boardwalk from Garfield Ave.

Photo by Instagrammer @Shottos

Looking east toward Mariner's Landing - Photo by Teddy Brookes

Sunset over the Crest - Photo by Stefan Herbst

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