Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Pitchers & Catchers Day!

It's the four words we look forward to every February - "pitchers and catches report!"

For, not only is the official start of Spring Training a sure sign that baseball season is right around the corner, it means that we've hit another mile marker on the long journey toward summer.

The days are getting just a liiiiittle bit longer and, though it hasn't warmed up much yet, that darned groundhog said it would soon, and, and... Sam's Pizza Palace opens this Friday!

We're gettin' there, folks. Cue the Countdowns: 

5 days until...  Sam's Pizza Palace opens for weekends 
28 days until...  Daylight Savings Time begins 
32 days until...  St. Patrick's Day
34 days until...  First day of Spring
46 days until...  MLB Opening Day 
62 days until...  Morey's Piers (Mariner's Landing) and Mack's Pizza open
70 days until...  Easter Sunday 
106 days until...  Memorial Day

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