Tuesday, October 19, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Twistin' & Reminiscin'

Every Tuesday, we take a look at notable or otherwise interesting Wildwood-related videos posted on YouTube within the past week...

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Twisting into the record books at Fox Park

This past weekend's Fabulous '50s festivities centered around the 50th anniversary of Chubby Checker's introduction of "The Twist." Just a few blocks from where dance craze was touched off at the Rainbow Club in 1960, the man himself was honored at Fox Park on Saturday afternoon. After receiving several honors for his accomplishments and contributions to the community, Checker led those in attendance in a record-breaking rendition of his trademark anthem.

Thanks to directweb1 for this video and the one that follows, which features additional performances from Saturday's street fair...

"It's An Oceanic Wonderland!"

This next video comes courtesy of El Scrambler and features a wonderful promotional trailer for Hunt's Pier from its inaugural season (1957). Check out the awesome views of the Flyer roller coaster and other rides on the pier, before it was extended to accommodate later attraction such as Jungleland, the Golden Nugget, and Skua. Also note the breakdown of the park's operating schedule into afternoon and evening "sessions"...

The Matador says "goodbye" to 2010

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