Friday, July 30, 2010

Rest in peace, Doris Vernon

The Doris Vernon Hotel, as it appeared in June, 2006
Last week, yet another link to Wildwood's past was quietly erased, when the Doris Vernon Hotel at 306 E. Pine Avenue was razed.

The beleaguered structure, which dated back to the early 1900s, had sat vacant after being damaged by fire in January 2009.

Back in May 2006, its fate was apparently sealed when the city's planning board approved plans for a proposed six-story, $11 million condotel on the site.

But, word on the status of the "Taffy Walk" project has been mum since; it is not presently known what - if anything - will be built to replace the old rooming house in the near future.

Our friend Mark Peyko wrote a very insightful, nostalgic piece on the Doris Vernon last year for his blog,  Made in Youngstown.

Wind up the Victrola in memory of another landmark, lost to the ages...


  1. Sad! I stayed with my grandmother on Poplar from the late 50'd through the early 1970's. I remember the Doris Vernon. And so many more that are committed to memory.

    Vincent T. Marchese

  2. Shame!! i know time marches on, but the old wildwood, was a special place, such crouds every day town was packed, pacific ave, a mass of people all night long, night clubs everywhere, top entertainers at the clubs, in the 60s-70s, rooming houses full to capacity restaurnats opened until 3am, boards packed,
    dam those where the days my friend. Mike A

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  4. wow- absolutely the best vacation memory I have: staying there with my boyfriend and children 13 years ago - it was homey- the owners were awesome, we were not crowded because they opened up 3 rooms downstairs so we'd be comfortable(5 kids) . They were so welcoming that my Bf and I went back alone for a beautiful week there late summer.So sad it's gone.