Saturday, October 10, 2009

Future Plans for Hunt's, Adventure Piers Unveiled

Artist's rendering of proposed changes at Adventure Pier (Boardwalk & Spencer Ave.), courtesy of The Wildwoods Reporter

As we mentioned earlier this week, big things are in the works for the old Hunt's Pier with the proposed addition of a Mirror Maze attraction.

In this week's edition of The Wildwoods Reporter, Thom Fontannaz elaborates on further plans for Hunt's, as well as major changes set for Adventure Pier.

As Thom reports, a 2500 square ft. structure designed to house the Mirror Maze as well as the Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe on Hunt's has been approved by the Wildwood Planning Board.

More dramatic changes are in the works for Adventure Pier, by far the least developed of the three Morey's Piers amusement entities.

According to Thom, the plans include:

* Relocation of the Skyscraper from Hunt's Pier
* Construction of two 50-ft. towers with a rope "zipline" approximately 350 ft. between them
* Addition of a multi-story "tactical rope obstacle course"
* Open-air and under-pier family, kiddie, and Driving School racetracks

A complete redevelopment of the pier's entrance area is also planned, with a Candy Land shop set to replace the Boat Tag game, a new Kohr Bros. ice cream stand, and a two-story Stewart's Root Beer restaurant.

Be sure to check out the TWR article for more details and renderings of all of the proposed changes.

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