Friday, September 25, 2009

Saving (a Part of) the Oceanview Motel

With its unique architectural stylings, size, and prime location, the Oceanview Motel has long been regarded as one of the Wildwoods' most significant Doo Wop structures. As such, the loss of this motel would be a particularly damaging blow to preservation efforts on the island, and a wasted opportunity to build upon and further promote the resort's trademark commercial heritage.

The owners of the Oceanview are hoping to demolish the motel in favor of a new condo complex. However, their plans were recently rejected by the State of NJ DEP, which cited the historical importance of the motel's soaring glass lobby and its significance to the Crest's Doo Wop district.

This is very good news, for starters... but what happens next?

In response to the matter, the Doo Wop Preservation League has proposed a compromise. It's plan calls for the lobby to be maintained and transformed to serve as the centerpiece of a new development, which would replace the aging motel rooms. In exchange for preserving the lobby, the DWPL suggests that the Crest borough and NJ DEP could grant the developer additional concessions that would bypass existing zoning laws.

The scenario figures to be a win-win for both sides, presenting not just a viable option for preserving the past, but a golden opportunity to combine historic preservation and new development to create an innovative new showpiece of design and function.

Perhaps most importantly, a successful marriage of past and present concepts here could lead to more projects of a similar nature in the near future.

Check out this link to learn more about the DWPL's proposal, and sign the official online petition in support of this vision for the future of the Oceanview...

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