Sunday, June 7, 2009

Remembering the Forget-Me-Not

A recent conversation on the DWPL forum, inspired by a postcard auction on eBay, got me to thinking about the old Forget-Me-Not Hotel & Restaurant in the Crest for the first time in... well, despite the wishful sentiments of the name itself, I can't remember the last time the FMN (lets go with that, for short) crossed my mind.

It was likely at some point last summer, when I passed by the corner of NJ Ave. & Forget-Me-Not Rd. and noticed that a structure I had long since figured a goner was, in fact, still very much alive. Albeit, in a renovated form, and now serving a different function.

I first encountered the FMN back in the early 2000s, while venturing on photo expeditions 'off the beaten' tourist paths in the Crest. At that time the hotel, which more than likely predates WWII, was in its waning days as a public lodging house.

Fortunately, it managed to survive the 'condo boom' era, even if it's rooms were converted to individual-owned units and the overall appearance of the building has been sanitized.

The following photos were snapped in late August of 2005 (click for larger images):

Looking east, along NJ Ave. A partial backlit/neon sign advertises the FMN Restaurant on the left, right in front of the hotel's front porch. The entrance to the dining room is under the red canopy, at center.

Looking north, toward the intersection of NJ & Forget-Me-Not. Some mid-century influence, perhaps, is visible here, in the flagcrete flower beds in front of the restaurant, as well as the railing design supporting the back balcony (the same zig-zag pattern still sported by the Bel Air and Pink Champagne motels, among others).

The most recent sign, which stood near the southeast corner of NJ & Forget-Me-Not. Interesting that it advertised the restaurant, and made no mention of the actual hotel itself. Not bad as signage goes, but, frankly, nowhere near as cool as the neon version seen in the vintage postcard above.

Close-up of the hand-painted wooden sign over the entrance to the restaurant. "Unforgetable Breakfast"... gotta love it! Also note the depiction of the forget-me-not flowers in the logo at left.

One last glance, looking toward the southeast. Notice the blank menu board next to the entrance canopy. The restaurant may have been closed (for good) by this point. I'm not certain.

As with so many institutions that have disappeared or been altered over the years, I regret not taking more pics of the FMN while I had the chance, particularly of the 'front' of the building. If anyone has and would like to share any additional info on or memories of the FMN, it would be greatly appreciated.

For a present-day aerial look at the former hotel (and it's new red roof), click here.

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  1. I stayed at the Forget Me Not hotel many times when I was young. I have great memories of those summer days. I think it was late 1960's and even into the early 70's.