Tuesday, February 17, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Wish We Were Coastin'!

Why is it that February is the shortest month of the year, but often feels like the longest?

OK, I know the answer, but still...

So, for everyone out there who is tired of hearing that Spring is right around the corner and just wants it to get here already, I think that this video will provide a nice little (if temporary) adrenalin jolt, Wildwood-style!

This week’s selection was uploaded by ATLCoasterMan, who did an awesome job editing in unique angles of various roller coaster and Boardwalk scenes with music (a tune appropriately titled “Surf Song”) from pop punk band Fenix TX.

(Note: The embedding feature for this video has been disabled by the owner, so click HERE or on the picture above to view.)

Every Tuesday we'll take a special look at one (or more) of the various Wildwood-related videos available on YouTube. If you have an idea for a selection or a video of your own you'd like to share, please be sure to sent it along to wildwood365@gmail.com.

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