Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Trivia Challenge

It's Friday, so lets have a little fun!

One of the (hopefully) interactive features I've been looking forward to getting started with is a weekly our readers' Wildwood knowledge.

In the weeks to come, I'll have some much more interesting photo puzzles and such to try to stump you with. But, for our first "challenge" edition, lets just go with some good 'ol fashioned, straight-up trivia.

I will post the answers to these questions next Friday, along with a new challenge for the following week...


Question #1: A King's Court?

Because of its high profile location on the Boardwalk, at 23rd Ave. in North Wildwood, the King's Inn is probably one of the island’s best known motels.

But, did you know that, in addition to the main building, the King's also operates a small annex, on the northern side of the property (adjacent to 22nd Ave.)?

The annex building predates the main portion of the motel and once operated as motor court under a different name.

Do you know what it was?


Question #2: Before Zaberville...

Four years before opening Zaberer's Anglesea Inn in North Wildwood, one of the island's most legendary institutions, Ed Zaberer and his brother Charlie took over a corner property at Boardwalk and Magnolia (formerly occupied by Groff's Restaurant, which moved operations to the current location, just off the Boardwalk).

With a remodeled colonial-style dining room and large tanks of live lobsters in the front windows to attract customers, this restaurant would prove to a be a favorite on the Boardwalk during the 1950s.

Can you name it?

(In the location of the former restaurant today is the Papillon III t-shirt shop., pictured above)


Question #3: Pizza Mania

Finally, we wrap up with a challenge that may be a little more difficult than it seems. Or not, depending on how knowledgeable you are about pizza shops on the Boardwalk.

Everyone and their grandma is familiar with Mack's, Sam's, and, of course, the various Hot Spot locations, etc.

But, how many others can you name?

The challenge here is to come up with 10 additional pizza shops on the Boardwalk, from the present or past. The only caveat is that the word "pizza" must be in the name (ex: a place like Fisher's Restaurant, which does serve pizza, wouldn’t count).


So, what do you think; do you know the answers?

Drop us a line anytime at for hints and clues, or to suggest a new challenge topic.

Best of luck!

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