Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doo Wop Wednesday: Jay’s Motel (1952-2004)

Generally credited as the first motel in the Wildwoods, Jay’s Motel was a relatively unassuming "motor court"-like complex that occupied the northwest corner of Atlantic & Hildreth for over half a century.

Consisting of one and two-story stucco clad buildings, Jay’s was built during the winter of 1951-52 by the Morey Brothers, Lou and Will, and opened the following Spring.

Though the motel did not incorporate many of the wild architectural elements that would come to define the "Doo Wop" style during the mid-century era, it’s opening did help pave the way for many of the structures that followed over the next two decades.

Jay's also famously played host to a number of celebrities during its heyday, including such big stars as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Sadly, the motel sat vacant and neglected by the early 2000s. It would become one of the first victims of the condo craze that swept the island during that time, falling to the wrecking ball in June of 2004.

For more information and photos, check out our Jay's Motel profile page at Wildwood Doo Wop.

Each Wednesday, we'll spotlight various examples of "Doo Wop" architecture (past and present), and/or news and progress reports pertaining to preservationalist efforts in the Wildwoods.

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