Friday, January 20, 2023

"No boardwalk? No problem!": Sam's Pizza sets 2023 opening date

Every year, right around this time, Sam's Pizza Palace announces its official reopening date.

It's an anticipated briefing, but generally a formality. After all, it has become tradition for the famous pizzeria at 26th & Boardwalk to kick off its season on the Friday before Presidents Day.

Let's not bury the lede here: Opening Day 2023 at Sam's Pizza is set for February 17, right on schedule!

But, things will be just a liiiiiittle different this year...

As you may be aware, due to the ongoing work of Phase 2 of the Boardwalk Rehabilitation Project, there is presently no Boardwalk in front of Sam's, and, thus, no front door access.

"No boardwalk? No problem!" was the title of Sam's social media posts on Friday, which went on to explain that guests will enter the dining room through the side door on the Juniper Avenue ramp (south side of the building) until work on the Boardwalk is completed this Spring.

Meanwhile, as usual, the window on the 26th Street (north) side will be open for takeout orders.

It will be a bit strange to see folks lined up along Juniper Ave as opposed to the usual lines that form on the Boardwalk. And it's worth noting that pizza-goers, exiting from Juniper, will have to go around the Shore Plaza Resort to visit neighboring Gateway 26 or stroll the North Wildwood end of the boards.

Otherwise, it's expected to be a typically festive and fun Opening Weekend, one of the most anticipated events on the Wildwoods' winter calendar! 

Sam's will be open on weekends only to start (generally, it moves to an everyday schedule around mid-April). Hours of operation will be announced in the coming weeks. 

For updates and additional info, follow Sam's official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, and visit

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