Monday, April 3, 2017

Morey's Piers Hosts Interview and Hiring Workshop

Wildwood School District and Morey's Piers Partner Up to Help 
Juniors and Seniors Learn Job Interview Skills, Gain Confidence


Teen job seekers got a real-life lesson in the art of the interview this week, thanks to a partnership between the Wildwood School District and Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks.  Sixteen students participated in the special workshop to help navigate the process of entering the working world – from filling out an application to writing a memorable thank you note.

“We recognize that interviewing can be incredibly intimidating and we wanted to demystify the process for our students,” said Kenyon Kummings, superintendent of the Wildwood Public Schools.  “The skills they learn in this workshop won’t just help them land their first summer job, they’ll build confidence and continue to serve our students well throughout their careers.”

Members of the Morey’s Piers hiring and recruiting team designed the half-day event to give would-be applicants an understanding of what it takes to successfully land a job.  Held at Morey’s Mariner’s Pier Training Room, company representatives guided their interview subjects through mock applications for positions as lifeguards and ride operators, food and beverage and games.

They started the morning as a group, learning about hiring and interviewing best practices, role playing various scenarios and walking through the basics of completing a job application.  Under the guidance of their Morey mentors, students learned the importance of eye contact, shaking hands and how to dress appropriately for an interview.

The students then split into groups for more individualized attention, including one-on-one interviews with staff, learning how to craft a personal thank you note and completing a team-building exercise:  Working together to build the tallest free-standing structure they could using only marshmallows and toothpicks.  The exercise energized the group and emphasized the importance of communication and collaboration in the workplace.

“Applying for a job and going on an interview can be stressful for anyone – but especially for young people just starting out in the working world,” said Denise Beckson, director of operations and human resources at Morey’s Piers.  “Our hiring and recruiting team understands applicants’ apprehensions and is glad to put their real-world experience to work to put these students at ease and prepare them to be successful.”

This workshop was one in a series where the Wildwood School District and Morey’s Piers are teaming up to ensure that juniors and seniors graduating from Wildwood High School are fully prepared to take the next step – whether it’s starting college or beginning a career.  Students were surveyed to gauge topics of interest for the workshops.  Based on their feedback, the next workshop will focus on Pier Operations and has been scheduled for April 27, 2017.

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