Monday, April 24, 2017

Credit Cards Make Beach Amenities Easier to Enjoy


Beachgoers will find their visit to this city’s world-famous beach more enjoyable with the addition of a new service this season.

Beach amenities such as beach box rentals and beach taxi trips are now available by using a credit card.

“Most people coming to Wildwood come here to enjoy our beach,” said Commissioner Pete Byron. “We are constantly adding amenities that make a visit to the beach a great one.  By adding the ability to pay for amenities via a credit card we hope to make enjoying Wildwood’s beach even easier.”

According to Jodie DiEduardo, senior vice president at Crest Savings Bank, the credit card mobile units will be available in each of the city’s beach taxis. Each of the units has been donated to the city by Crest Savings Bank.

In addition to offering on-site payment, patrons will be able to pre-pay for beach amenities prior to coming to the beach.

“Using a credit card for beach amenities makes sense,” DiEduardo explained. “Rather than having to pack enough cash for the day, now one credit card is all you need to enjoy your visit.”

Byron, who oversees the city’s Departments of Revenue and Finance and Department of Beach Services, said not only will making beach services available via credit card be a boon for residents and visitors who visit Wildwood’s wide, sandy, beach, it will also be a boon for the city’s coffers.

“We want people who use our beach to have a great time and experience all that Wildwood has to offer,” Byron said. “By adding credit card payments for beach amenities to our menu of amenities to make their visit even more enjoyable, we hope to see a sharp spike in the number of beach amenity users. Putting credit card machines on the beach for beach boxes and beach taxi rides is not only good for beach goers, it’s a great way to produce revenue for the city.”

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