Friday, August 12, 2016

Additional matted walkway samples at Crest beach entrances


The Borough of Wildwood Crest has installed Mobi-Mat walkways at the entrances to three of its beaches for the public to sample.

According to its website, Mobi-Mats are corrugated non-slip portable roll-out ADA beach access pathways for pedestrians, wheelchair users and strollers.

Mobi-Mats have been installed at the east end of wooden beach walkways at the Heather Road, St. Louis Avenue and Hollywood Avenue beach entrances.

These Mobi-Mat walkway samples are in addition to AccesMat samples that were previously installed at the beach entrances at Fern Road, Rambler Road and Miami Avenue.

Wildwood Crest Commissioner of Public Works Don Cabrera said he welcomes the public’s input on the recently installed Mobi-Mats and AccessMats.

“The response on the installation of the AccessMats has been overwhelmingly positive so far,” Cabrera said. “We wanted the public to have a chance to sample a different type of rollout map as well, so we decided to also install these Mobi-Mats at a few of our beach entrances.

"Wildwood Crest is always looking for cost-effective ways to enhance the public’s experience on our beaches."

Anyone wishing to comment on the Mobi-Mats or the AccessMats beach walkway samples is asked to call the Wildwood Crest Department of Public Works at (609) 522-7446 or email Commissioner Cabrera at

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